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About BrainShock™

BrainShock™ Syndrome describes the effect every injury has on the nervous system. Injuries can short circuit nerve function though out the body including muscles, tissue sensation, organ and bone function.

Any damaging injury can cause a BrainShock™. Just as you can short circuit a wire in your home, and lose function on all devices on that wire. Each nerve wire can short circuit. This can be caused a hit to the head, a burn, organ dysfunction. a hammer to your thumb or stubbing your toe.

Meet the Founder

Geroge Brainshock

Dr. George Gonzalez is a chiropractor based in Los Angeles, California USA. He has a patented systematic process for evaluating and correcting the nervous system called Quantum Neurology. He has lectured his strategies to thousands of doctors world wide. He works with and consults doctors, patients, amateur and professional athletes. Dr. Gonzalez is dedicated to researching and developing the most advanced rehabilitation strategies. Over 20% of medal winning track and field athletes from the USA in the last ten world level events have been under Quantum Neurology care.  He has been teaching his revolutionary concepts since 2000.

Dr. George Gonzalez, DC is proud to initiate the concept of Brainshock to help doctors and medical practitioners learn the testing and rehabilitation techniques of Quantum Neurology® to help them treat patients and athletes all over the world. As the topic of Brainshock (Concussion) continues to be a concern in all action sports, we hope that more medical practitioners will enroll in the Quantum Neurology® program to learn the proper techniques to rehabilitate the injured patients.

Currently, we have number of QN doctors who participated in the Brainshock™ research study that can already perform rehabilitative techniques like Dr. Noah Moos, DC, Dr. Chris Cormier, DC, Dr. David Tolk,DC, Dr. John Wendt, DC, Dr. David Shum, DC and Dr. James Sheen, DC. We hope to see these numbers continue to grow!