On Nov 10th at the annual Quantum Neurology™ Homecoming event, Dr. George Gonzalez honors a unique group of QN doctors who volunteered during the games at the True Talent All American Games in New Orlean, Louisiana.


brainshock doctors

During the special event, our certified QN doctors shared their own experiences of what they saw on the field and how nerve rehabilitation was able to affect the young players recover from their brain shock symptoms so quickly and made it possible for them to go back  onto the field to continue their games.

brain shock awards

Quantum Neurology® rehabilitates the nerves that are impacted by concussion injuries. By testing and recognizing which nerves are weakened, the QN doctors are able to use light therapy to reconnect the nerves quickly.

Our dedicated doctors received special commemorative awards for their support at the games. A special thanks to all the Quantum Neurology™ doctors and their hardwork to raise awareness for concussions.

Dr. John Wendt Brainshock